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NEW News:

** 1. We will be doing pre-registration for all H2O Monthlies online

** 2. Registration will open 2 weeks prior to each monthly on Sunday at 8pm (so for H2O May Monthly at Hidden Waters Preserve on 4/30/17, registration will open on 4/16/17 @ 8pm). Here is the link to register: H2O Disc Golf May 2017 Monthly

** 3. Player limit will be capped at 72 players, so register early to get your spot. 

** 4. There will be a waitlist for any cancellations, but we will not be able to have more than 72 players compete, so if you don't register ahead of time and try to show up at the event, you may not be able to play. Any open spots will be filled by first-come-first-serve basis starting with the waitlist and then by physical sign up day-of (if not previously registered).

** 5. Registration buy-in will be $30. $25 will be returned 100% via Payouts, CTPs, and Ace Fund; and $5 will go toward operating expense including Disc Golf Scene and PayPal.

** 6. We have added a 4th Pool!! With so many players, the gap from bottom to top of each pool was rather large with only 3 pools. A, B, and C Pool rating changed slightly and we added D Pool. Here are the changes:
A Pool = 930 and higher PDGA rating
B Pool = 890-929 PDGA rating
C Pool = 830-889 PDGA rating
D Pool = 829 and lower PDGA rating


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**Next H2O Monthly is on 4/30/17 at Hidden Waters Preserve.  Click here for more details

Monthlies to come:

1. June 4 @ Bill Frederick Park at Turkey Lake - Original Course

2. July 16 @ River City Nature Park - Barwick Course

Highlights from H2O Disc Golf April Monthly:


35 Players!!


Ace Fund = $175

* Noone hit it, so it rolls to May Monthly


A Pool

1st Place - 50 - Kris Smith

2nd Place - 51 - Trenton Murphy 


B Pool

1st Place - 55 - Keith Aten

2nd Place - 56 -

Tie: Garrett Bunnell/John Hallas/Matt Ingraham 


C Pool

1st Place - 59 - 

Tie: Harold Baerga/Kevin Dost

3rd Place - 60 -

Tie: Chris Libbey/Brian Polk/John Stewart


D Pool

1st Place - 61 - Kevin Nollmeyer 

2nd Place - 66 - Dan Lewis

3rd Place - 68 -

Tie: Chris Schutte/Anndrea Traci


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(20% of all Merchandise Sales are set aside to help fund PUTT IT FORWARD)



Top: State of Florida Tournament Schedule

Bottom: Central Florida League Schedule