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PUTT IT FORWARD - Changing the world, one PUTTER at a time!!

Putt It Forward...in action!!

 Thanks to the H2O Disc Golf family and the contributions they have made to the Putt It Forward Program, we were able to help out a local teacher grow the sport within his school!!  

Adam Kedzior's story below: 

"Today, at Webster Elementary School where I teach 5th grade science, in Webster FL (Sumter County), we had our annual fall festival. I was running a disc golf booth. The kids got 3 putts from about 20 feet, then had a chance to make a longer shot, starting at about 20 feet out, then moving back a few feet each time someone made it, until it ended up approximately 52 feet out.

We had 186 kids come and throw discs in about an hour and 45 minutes, and had a line 20+ deep, despite there being all sorts of other options, including bounce houses. A few kids spent the entire time with us.

Big thanks to Brad and H2O Disc Golf, as well as members of the one and only Lake County Disc Golf Club for donating so many discs and minis to give out as prizes.

It was an awesome day, with tons of smiling faces and kids playing catch with minis all over the place. Grow the sport!"

In the pictures: 

"The 5th grade girl in the first picture hit a shot from 48 feet to take the 2nd longest shot of the day and win her disc. Kid in the 2nd picture is in 2nd grade, hit one from about 45 feet for the 3rd longest shot.  Kid in the last pic with the little Wizard hit 3 straight putts from 20 feet to win his prize."