H2O Custom Artwork

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Monthly Custom Artwork Raffles

In July 2016, I thought I'd start a new thing for H2O Disc Golf; a once-a-month raffle for a custom artwork disc.

Since the inception of H2O Disc Golf, I had taken on the cost of supplies for the Monthlies out of my own pocket.  I specifically started the Monthlies, with the intention of having 100% of the buy-in going back out to the players.  Therefore, there is no "club" fee and/or administration fee taken out of the buy-ins.  In order to try to fund some of the supplies needed for the H2O Monthlies, I thought I'd create a custom artwork disc that I could raffle off.  Players are not required to get into the raffle, but if they are interested, they can purchase tickets and have a chance to win this one-of-a-kind piece of artwork done by "your's truly".  The money brought in for the raffle would help cover the cost of the disc used, and the remaining monies would help cover the cost of supplies.  THANKS to the player's support, it was a HIT the first month, and so I have been doing one every month since then.  

Here is a history of the raffles:

July 2016 Winner: Jerry Wolfe

This was a logo concept design that I played around with, even before the first H2O Monthly.  I thought it would be fitting to try it out on the first custom artwork disc.  You will notice that it actually WAS turned into 1 of the 2 logos for H2O Disc Golf, and is on one of the shirts!

September 2016 Winner: Ashlee Conley

 This is the first (of likely many) non-H2O themed artwork.  I really enjoyed doing this one, and I think you will be seeing more designs that are a piece of art on a disc, rather than a "logo".

November 2016 Winner: Danny Voss

 Back to my roots as an artist.  This graffiti-type artwork showed up on many different forms of "paper" growing up...notebooks, homework, church bulletins, textbooks, basically anything that had a blank space that just needed a little extra POP.  This piece brought back many fond memories, and I had a blast creating it!  

January 2017 Winner: Bryan Nazworth

 I have always loved the Yin Yang look.  I decided that we needed one with an H2O Disc Golf flare!  Even though this is one of the more simple designs that I have done, it took me the longest time to complete.  LOTS O DOTS!!

March 2017 Winner: Dave Turnbeaugh

 So, I never really wanted to do "themed" artwork for these discs...but...it just so happens that these last 2 months happened to be somewhat themed.  Even though March is the month for St Patrick's day, and the four leaf clover is a symbol of said day, I think it is more universal than that.  I hope this disc brings the winner some great luck on and off the course, and may one day become the Ace disc it was meant to be!


August 2016 Winner: Billy Souza

This disc was a concept-on-the-fly design.  I had played around with doing stippling of chains on a disc I did for my brother a few years back, so I wanted to put some chains in this design.  I didn't intitially intend for this to become the primary H2O Disc Golf logo, but the design ended up with an "emblem" look that I really liked.  You will notice that this is the 2nd of 2 logos that is now used by H2O Disc Golf and is on the stickers, shirts, minis, and discs!

October 2016 Winner: Gregg Hosfeld

 Just like last month, I decided to create a design with a piece of artwork on the disc rather than a logo.  This design was a concept that caught my "eye" when talking with someone that had sunglasses on and I kept getting distracted by seeing the reflection in the lens.  The stippled artwork always looks best when there is some strong contrast from light to dark and when there is some reflectivity in the piece with some highlights.  The sunglass offer that reflectivity and I thought it would be cool to throw in a disc golf aspect to the reflection.  I hope you enjoy!

December 2016 Winner: Leo Rosquete

 This one was a piece that I dreaded.  I was gone for 2 weeks prior to the Monthly, and didn't have time to do a Artwork raffle disc until the day before.  I also did not have any time to even think about an idea.  I was sitting at my table the night before the event and randomly came up with the idea of me holding a disc.  I liked the angle of the photo, so I decided to go for it.  I actually REALLY like how it turned out!  All artists have to do a self portrait at some time in their life, right?!  

February 2017 Winner: Mike Baker

 My first H2O Disc Golf "course themed" artwork.  As we were traveling to the Sawmill DGC and most of the players in the monthly were locals, I figured I would theme the disc to match the course (34 of the 40 players were locals!...WAY TO REPRESENT!)!  This was a fun one!  May try to do themed artwork in the future.