H2O Disc Golf Monthly Structure and Guidelines

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  • Registration for H2O Disc Golf Monthlies will be open 2 weeks prior to each Monthly @ 8pm online at discgolfscene.com
  • Player Limit will be capped at 72 players
  • There will be a waitlist for any cancellations, but we will not be able to have more than 72 players compete, so if you don't register ahead of time and try to show up at the event, you may not be able to play. Any open spots will be filled by first-come-first-serve basis starting with the waitlist and then by physical sign up day-of (if not previously registered).


  • Play will start at 2pm sharp! (especially during November and December for daylight)
    • Please arrive by 1:45pm to check in.
    • If you are not going to arrive by 1:45pm, please call: 989-763-4443.
    • If call-in, there will be a grace period from 1:45 – 2pm for you to arrive. If no-show by 3:00pm, your spot will be forfeited.
  • Play will be shot-gun style start.
    • Shot Gun = TD will assign a starting hole for every group and all groups will start at the same time.
  • Cards/Groups will be drawn at random only, therefore no requests will be accepted for pre-set groupings (this is a collaborative event after all…meet new people!)

Oddman Rules

  • All players will be able to throw one extra throw per hole.
  • Extra throw can be used on drive, upshot, or putt.
  • Once the extra throw is used, player loses ability to use it for the remainder of the throws on that hole.
    • When a player chooses to use the extra throw, he/she can then choose which of the throws was better and throw from chosen lie (but even if player chooses to throw from the first throw’s lie, the extra shot is dead for that hole)
    • A player must choose whether to use their extra shot or not, while standing at the current lie. (for example: if the player throws a drive and decides to use that drive, then when the group moves up the fairway to see where the discs are located and that player realizes that the drive he took went out of bounds, he/she cannot go back to the tee and throw their extra shot retroactively)


  • Pot will build continuously until someone hits it.
  • If 2 or more Aces are hit on the same day, pot will be split evenly between all Aces.
  • If 2 drives are used on same hole, both drives count toward Ace fund (but, on the rare occasion that both shots go in the basket, only 1 throw is counted and therefore only one of those “aces” is paid out)


  • There will be 4 Pools of players for payout:
    • A Pool = 930 and higher PDGA rating
    • B Pool = 890-929 PDGA rating
    • C Pool = 830-889 PDGA rating
    • D Pool = 829 and lower PDGA rating
  • All ties will be chopped evenly.
    • If 1st place is $36 and 2nd place is $18, and 2 people are tied for 1st  place, then payout will be $27/each (36+18=54, 54/2=27)


  • There will be 9 Cash CTPs for every event.
  • CTP holes will be decided by TD.
  • CTPs to be picked up will be highlighted on scorecards (do not pick up the CTP flag if that hole is not highlighted on your card)
    • If for some reason, CTP flag is picked up before all groups have played the hole, then a new CTP throw-off hole will be defined by TD for that CTP at the end of the event. Players to be included in play-off for that CTP will be the person whose name appears on CTP as last “owner” and those that had not yet played the hole before the flag was mistakenly picked up.
  • If 2 drives are used on same hole, both drives count toward CTP.