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Personal Referrals:

H2O Disc Golf Monthlies are sponsored by Disc Golf Center!!  Disc Golf Center is a huge supporter of the Disc Golf Community, and H2O Disc Golf is happy to have them.  Check them out in store and tell them H2O Disc Golf sent you, and you will receive a member discount. 

I've had a few disc golf "homes" since moving to Florida in 2006.  Barnett Park was my first Florida "home", but the Debary course(s) and especially the Debary Club members have become my second family.  This club is great to be a part of!

As Barnett Park has been my first disc golf "home" in Florida, and the Orlando Disc Golf Club has now taken over "ownership" of Barnett activities, this club is my first "home" by default.  I have, however, really enjoyed the company of the crew that runs events for Orlando, and the members are always fun to play a round of handicaps with.  

As much as I love my "home" at Debary Disc Golf Club, Lake County Disc Golf Club is actually in the county that I live in, and WHOA!!!, this club is HOPPIN'!  If you have been anywhere in a 100 mile radius of Lake County, you are a hermit if you haven't heard about all of the growth that this club has had in the last 1 or 2 years!!!  I am proud to call them my new family!!